Different Types Of Sarees We Make


Different Types Of Sarees We Make 

Are you looking to elevate your wardrobe with the grace and elegance of sarees? Welcome to "Vimla Prints," where we blend tradition with modernity to offer you an array of sarees that promise both style and comfort. Let’s unwrap the wonders of various sarees that you can incorporate into your daily wear.

Malgudi Silk – Your Budget-Friendly Artistic Ensemble

Malgudi Silk – Your Budget-Friendly Artistic Ensemble


Malgudi Silk sarees are the epitome of art and functionality combined. Made from synthetic silk, they offer the luxurious look of silk without the hefty price tag. With a standard length and width, these sarees drape flawlessly and maintain their vibrant colors, making them a budget-friendly and sophisticated option for your daily wardrobe.For busy women on the go, our Wrinkle-Free Sarees are a dream come true. These sarees keep you looking neat and put-together all day, without any ironing. They are easy to care for, look new for a long time, and are perfect for work or as a smart uniform sarees option.

Angoori Crepe – Soft Grace with a Story to Tell

Angoori Crepe – Soft Grace with a Story to Tell

The Angoori Crepe saree feels soft and strong at the same time. This saree sits nicely on your body and stays in place no matter how busy your day gets. With traditional designs, wearing one is like wearing a piece of history. They are great for all weather and come in many colors so that everyone can find one they like

Trishika  – Luxurious Look with a Tough Side

Trishika  – Luxurious Look with a Tough Side


The Trishika  collection is a balance of luxury and strength. These sarees combine the glossy look of silk with the toughness of everyday fabric. They shimmer in the light and are made to last, making them the perfect pick for both special events and daily wear.

Designed to cater to the diverse tastes of modern women, Trishika sarees come in an array of designs, from the understated elegance of monochrome to the vibrant energy of intricate patterns. They serve as the epitome of versatility, equally fit for high-profile business events, festive celebrations, or casual meet-ups with friends.

What sets the Trishika collection apart is not just the quality of the fabric or the beauty of their craftsmanship; it is their remarkable ability to blend with your lifestyle. The lightweight nature of the sarees ensures ease of movement, while the fabric's resistance to crinkling ensures that they remain pristine throughout the day.

Australian Sarees – Stand Out with a Modern Twist

Australian Sarees – Stand Out with a Modern Twist


Vimla Prints' Australian sarees represent a nod to modern textile innovation. Crafted from a unique blend of polyester and cationic yarn, these sarees boast a dual-tone fabric that radiates an iridescent sheen. This material not only imitates the glossy appeal of silk but also introduces a contemporary twist with its contrasting hues. These sarees are designed for individuals who take delight in standing out and expressing their unique identity through their fashion choices.

Our Australian sarees are a modern twist on the classic saree. They have a special shine and change colors in the light because of the two different types of yarns used. The fabric drapes well and flatters any body shape, designed for anyone who loves to be the center of attention.

Kanjivaram Sarees – The Splendor of South Indian Heritage

Kanjivaram Sarees – The Splendor of South Indian Heritage


No saree collection is complete without the grand Kanjivaram sarees. These come from Kanchipuram in South India and are known for their thick borders, bright colors, and detailed patterns. They are perfect for making any day feel like a special occasion. Our collection is full of office sarees that are perfect for both work and play.

Signature Chiffon – Light as Air, Elegant as Ever

Signature Chiffon – Light as Air, Elegant as Ever


The Breezy Ensemble: Vimla Prints' Signature Chiffon sarees are symbols of featherlight opulence. Celebrated for their translucent and weightless nature, Chiffon delivers a luster and delicacy that feels like a second skin. Signature Chiffon sarees are all about being light and airy. This fabric is so light it almost feels like you're not wearing anything, but it still looks elegant and shiny. These sarees are perfect for keeping you cool and stylish all year round. 

Noor Pashmina – Warmth and Style Hand in Hand

Noor Pashmina – Warmth and Style Hand in Hand


When the temperature dips, the Noor Pashmina is your companion in elegance. Made from fine Pashmina wool, these sarees provide warmth without compromising on style. Each saree comes with a 2.50-meter shawl for added comfort, making it a suitable choice for both formal and informal gatherings during the cold months. The Kani design prints are reminiscent of a rich cultural legacy, offering a blend of warmth, comfort.For those colder days, the Noor Pashmina sarees are your best friend. Made from soft Pashmina wool, they keep you warm and looking good. They come with a long shawl for extra warmth and comfort, and they have beautiful patterns that remind you of the rich culture they come from.


Q: What makes these sarees a good choice for everyday wear? 

A: Our sarees are made with you in mind. They're comfortable, easy to look after, and they don't lose their color. This means you can wear them often without worrying about them getting old too fast.

Q: I want a saree that's both practical and fancy. Is that possible? 

A: Yes! Our Wrinkle-Free and Signature Chiffon sarees are both practical for your busy life and fancy enough to make you feel special.

Q: Are there sarees for cold weather? What's a good option? 

A: Certainly! Our Noor Pashmina sarees are made for the cold and come with a cozy shawl. They keep you warm without giving up on style.

Q: What if I need a saree that's both fancy and strong? 

A: Look no further than our Trishika I and Australian sarees. They give you the fancy look of silk but are strong enough to handle wear and tear.

Q: I like traditional designs. What do you have for me? 

A: If you love traditional styles, our Angoori Crepe and Kanjivaram sarees will win your heart. They are full of history and beauty.

Q: I need a saree. How do I buy one from Vimla Prints? 

A: It's easy! You can find all our sarees and choose the one you love on our website. Or you can get in touch with us, and we'll help you out.

Q: Can I wear these sarees to the office or for a fun outing? 

A: Absolutely! Our collection is full of office sarees that are perfect for both work and play. They're light and pretty, making them great for any time and place.

Q: What should I do to keep my saree looking new? 

A: To keep your saree in top shape, dry clean it the first time. After that, just hand wash it gently. Don't twist it to dry, and keep it out of the strong sun to keep its color and shine.

Q: What about sarees for big celebrations? Do you have those? 

A: Yes, we do! Our special occasion sarees have all the fancy touches for weddings, festivals, and parties. You're sure to be the star of the show.

Transform your daily routine with a dash of style from Vimla Prints. Wrap yourself in comfort and elegance with our sarees and make every day a little more special. Explore our collection and find your perfect match today.